Western Ideals : New (last) Pebble game

Again, it’s been a while.
I did several things since then :
I have released a port of Evil Australians for the Atari Falcon.

Unfortunely i still have no idea if it works properly on real hardware….
But it works well on emulators.

The second project was one that took me a month (with plenty of breaks…).
It is my final Pebble game : Western Ideals. I had to scrap some plans
because Fitbit plans to shutdown servers next month… Oh well.

It’s available here on the Pebble app store.

Source code : https://github.com/gameblabla/western_ideals

That’s all for now, thank you.

Update - Some Changes

It’s been a while since i have not done anything, even development-wise.
Sadly, i have some real-life issues so i could not do much.
When not developing, i mostly play Duel Links.

Because the boards got haxxed by Hackers (already, thanks),
i have decide to remove it.
I’ll try to think of a better way to create a board but PhpBB just isn’t it.

I will also create a wiki for Duel Links, because let’s face it :
Gamea’s one sucks.

Link is here : https://duellinks.gameblabla.nl

That’s all for now, thank you.

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