I am aware that this is going to be a very controversial post. But some people, in particular fringe activists, keep spouting non-sense so i felt like i needed to share my views.

EDIT2: Again, it seems that all of the proof against stallman was false or greatly exagerrated. <a href=”https://gnu.support/richard-stallman/Ludovic-Court%C3%A8s-Guix-is-accusing-Stallman-of-Thoughtcrime-on-his-own-domain-GNU-org.html>https://gnu.support/richard-stallman/Ludovic-Court%C3%A8s-Guix-is-accusing-Stallman-of-Thoughtcrime-on-his-own-domain-GNU-org.html</a>
That’s not to mention the fact they tried multiple times to deface his website over what ? his comments on the Epstein case ? Something he is not responsible for anyway ?

Just what the hell guys… what the hell.

Note that he posted some comments bashing it on transgender people… i see no relation between them and Richard Stallman. In fact, a lot of the “cries” came from women and men.

EDIT: She finally decided to post more proof to her claims. I invite you to look at it : https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-appendix-a-a7e41e784f88

I still don’t believe the matress thingy for example (he was sleeping in his office) and his claims about him endorsing “child rape” were misrepresented.

However, it’s clear that he was making a lot of people working there very uncomfortable and was very socially awkward.

I am very pissed off that either side is not being completely honest about what really happened because they seem to make it much worse than it seems.

None of the comments seem to agree what really happened.

For these reasons, i have decided to reconsider my opinion about the case and i won’t comment on it anymore and defend anyone.

This post on reddit pretty much summerise everything about the whole ordeal :


I still stand by what i said about Ion Fury though.

Here’s the original blog post.

Someone (on medium) alleged that Stallman was endorsing Epstein because he allegedly defended Epstein and even endorsed him.

However, when you look at said messages, you can clearly see that this is not the case and they misrepresented him.


Basically he was merely pointing out technicalities and he also suggested that one of the victims may have been initially willing.

To that, he further pointed that, given she was 17, it may as well have been legal in some US states.

Of course, that flew above the head of said accuser’s who demanded him to be removed.

He had clarified saying that he never defended Epstein and had called him a “serial rapist” but obviously, they were not interested to know that and they never gave him the chance to clarify or change his mind.

They were effectively more interested to remove him than to know the truth. (i also think Eipstein was a serial rapist)

Not to mention that he has nothing to do with said case and never knew Eipstein.

That’s kind of like someone in your class distorting what you said and demanding you to be removed over said distortions….

And unfortunately, they fell for it.

Richard Stallman resigned from both MIT and FSF due to the “incident”, which honestly was made up from the very beginning.

This was a mistake, Stallman should have had never resigned because it proved them that they were “right”, even though they weren’t.

It’s just insane that you could get yourself removed over theories on a case you have nothing to do with.

Cancel culture needs to stop, seriously.
Why is this happening to Stallman ?

Is shutting down Stallman helping rape victims throughout the world ?
I doubt so !

This will not help them gain more income, defend themselves from abusive people or defend them from abusive work policies.

Those “activists” never opposed countries condemning gay people to death.

They would always stay silent when extremist Islamists would spout death threats to gay people.

They never condemned when Trump would attempt to pass laws allowing employers to fire people over being gay.

They could have very well use their power to put pressure on those people but they are more interested to pressure people with no political power or decision making.

Rather, they are interested to go after their very own peers who do not hold such viewpoints and falsify whatever they said and remove them.

I have spoken to women in 3rd world countries and they can’t even earn money online because Paypal is not available there.

It’s challenging for them to earn money online because they simply can’t.

But those activists are not interested to help them or their cause.

We have seen it with Ion Fury being accused of being “transphobes” when it turned out that all it turned up was a soap with it written “OGAY”, an unknown easter that said “fagbag” (which according to the member responsible, never knew its meaning. They did boot him out for not revealing it) and a developer stating that no one should decide the gender identity of a baby.

I have personally spoke to a transgender about it and she said that he said nothing wrong. Go figures.

That baby may as well become gay in the future, you can’t force him to become trans and deny him of this opportunity.

That’s up to him to decide. I can’t believe people think that such a view would be transphobic.

There is nothing wrong with “OGAY” as it, there is nothing wrong with the word “GAY” and there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

How come that it is homophobic ?

It turned out that a far right troll on 4chan was responsible for the false flag operation and he did it sorely to cause chaos and revert the design of the protagonist.

Why is ResetEra taking orders from a far right troll ?

Make no mistake though : the far right is just as responsible for enabling those people.

And they are going to use cases like this to further their own cause and spread religious fanatism and bigotry throughout the US and more worryingly, the world as a whole.

I know that some people had issues with Richard Stallman over some of his other views.

For example, i think it is quite hypocritical that he would put his very own drawings under a non-free license when he would advocate not to use proprietary software.

But regardless, that should never be used as a reason to shun him and shut down like that.