So yeah

I went from Ghost to Nibbleblog, then to Bludit and before settling with Jekyll.

The reason for all this mess is because i was looking for something that plays nice with restrictive CSP (Content Security Policy) rules.

… And it turns out only Jekyll fits the bill.

This has no WYSIWYG visual editor available however…
I think i’ll do without it.

But i’m not done yet !

I also had to manually convert my old Nibbleblog posts to Jekyll which was a very painful experience but it’s much nicer to the eyes.

Honestly, i did not understand why some people were bashing on WYSIWYG editors but now i can see why…

Simply put :
You have more control on how your text should look like.
As a result, you get the desired result.

Markup languages are also more reliable and you don’t get a random buggy mess that’s common with visual editors.

But anyway… you should see more posts from me !
What follows next is my review on some old Yu-Gi-Oh Games.

Enjoy !